Plastic Free Waters Partnership

* Fiscal Sponsor: Fund for the City of New York
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New York, NY 10013
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The Plastic Free Waters Partnership (PFWP) is a collaboration across the public, higher education, nonprofit and private sectors with the goal of reducing plastic and microplastic debris in all waterbodies primarily in the New York/New Jersey region.? The partnership drives the latest research, policies, and education to implement strategies that protect our waters, health, and wildlife.

The Problem

Plastic is everywhere—from the synthetic compounds used in our clothes and personal care products to the single-use bags we discard on a daily basis—and it is directly affecting the health of our local waterways. Plastic marine pollution endangers over 1,200 species by ingestion or entanglement. Plastics take on additional toxicity in the marine environment, readily adsorbing persistent organic pollutants that are biomagnified as they make their way up the food chain.  By 2050, in a business as usual scenario, there will be more plastic than fish by weight.  This has possible impacts on human health, and contributes to the growing public health concern of exposure to environmental toxins found in plastics.

* All donations made to Plastic Free Waters Partnership will be sent to their fiscal sponsor Fund for the City of New York.