Sprout Up New York City

* Fiscal Sponsor: Open Space Institute
1350 BROADWAY Suite 201
[email protected]


Sprout Up provides free, college student-led environmental education programs to 1st and 2nd grade classrooms throughout New York City. We are one of the few environmental programs in NYC that caters to children at such a young age, teaching them vital concepts in environmental science, sustainability, and the unique New York City ecosystem that surrounds them. We are also one of an even smaller cohort of programs that aren’t after school or seasonal, but instead we act as a supplemental or replacement for science education during school hours. This way we can reach the children that need it most, encouraging them to think in new ways about the world around them through activities, experiments, and discussions, inspiring them to bring the message of environmental stewardship home to their families and friends. In this way, we cultivate the next generation of passionate caretakers of the earth and promote sustainability from the youngest members of society up.

* All donations made to Sprout Up New York City will be sent to their fiscal sponsor Open Space Institute.