Mass Transit Street Theater

PO Box 347 Bronx
NY, NY 10468

Mass Transit Street Theater & Video (MTSTV) is a Bronx-based theater known nationally for a dynamic mix of storytelling, song, dance, and film that entertains and provokes thought about the issues that touch our lives. The company’s original plays – for example, HOUSE ON MAYHEM STREET, HOME FREE, ONCE UPON A BUS, OVERTIME, and UNDER OUR SKIN – explore the contemporary issues of urban life, the value of diversity, and visions of what could be if we learn to work together. Following the show, actors and the audience join in a lively discussion of the play and the questions it raises.

Since 2007, Mass Transit has been offering original plays, films and workshops primarily to young people in schools and community centers. Through film festivals, screenings, mediation trainings and plays we are promoting emotional, economic and environmental literacy in schools and neighborhoods throughout the city.