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PS 110 is dedicated to providing our students with standards-based instructional programs that encourage their to growth into lifelong learners, both academically and socially. Recent increased focus on standardized testing has left little public funding for the arts. The PTA at PS 110 believes in supporting the school in its mission to educate the whole-child. Our arts programming and residencies are some of the ways we grow well-rounded children.

Funding raised through your contribution goes directly to arts programs at each grade level as well as covering the salary of our art teacher, Ms Taylor. In addition these funds cover art supplies and upgrades to the art studio and science lab.

We need your support.

Make a one-time or recurring donation to support our students and enrich their day-to-day learning with the following arts programs supported by the corresponding non-profit organizations:

  • Mexican Dance — Young Audiences First Grade

  • First Grade
  • Dance/Theater — Center for Arts Education

  • Percussion — Young Audiences

  • Movement — Mark Morris Dance Second Grade

  • Second Grade
  • Musical Theater — Young Audiences

  • Dance/Theater — Center for Arts Education

  • Third Grade
  • Musical Theater — Young Audiences

  • Fourth Grade
  • Ballroom Dance —Dancing Classrooms

  • Animation — BRIC

  • Fifth Grade
  • Shakespeare — Theater for a New Audience

  • Your donation allows PS 110 to maintain all of the extraordinary art residencies listed above as well as to plan and grow based on future needs. These programs cannot exist without you.

    The PTA and children of PS 110 are calling on YOU to GIVE. No donation is too large or too small.

    Individual Donors Remember: Many companies MATCH donations made to non-profits so ask the Human Resource Department in your company.

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