Comunilife, Inc.

462 Seventh Avenue, 3rd Fl
New York, NY 10018
[email protected]


Founded in 1989, Comunilife improves the quality of life and creates a healthier tomorrow for New Yorkers with special needs in the Hispanic and broader communities, by providing culturally competent health and human services and a continuum of affordable and supportive housing. 90% of our clients fall below the federal poverty line; 90% are African-American or Latino; 50% have Spanish as their primary (or sole) language.


  • Meets the needs of more than 3,700 low-income and vulnerable New Yorkers many of whom are homeless and living with HIV/AIDS and other major medical issues; serious and persistent mental illness; and substance abuse.
  • Provides 1726 units of low-income and supportive transitional and permanent housing for homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS and serious mental illness
  • Is a leader in the field of Latina adolescent suicide. Our Life is Precious™ program provides suicide prevention activities for at-risk Latina teens and their families.