American Friends of Yahad In Unum

25 W. 45th Street 1405
New York, NY 10036

Yahad – In Unum is the leading research organization investigating the mass executions of more than 2,5 million Jews and thousands of Roma/Gypsy people in Eastern Europe between 1941 and 1944. This is sometimes referred to as “The Holocaust by Bullets,” the title of a book written by Yahad’s president, Father Patrick Desbois. While the atrocities of the concentration camps are well-known, this genocide perpetrated in the former Soviet Union against Jews, Roma and other victims of the Nazis and their allies. Through its investigation, Yahad – In Unum has discovered hundreds of mass graves of victims murdered in Eastern Europe and recorded the testimony of more than 3,000 witnesses. Collecting the evidence, village by village, region by region and identifying the graves of the victims in order that they can be protected are vital to justice and the development of a modern society.