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Founded in 1990, Beit Morasha of Jerusalem (“BMJ”) teaches Jewish and Israeli identity, values and ethics, and their practical application, in schools, communities and the armed forces, inspiring present and future military and civilian leaders.
BMJ Centers of activity include:
•    “Identity and Purpose” – BMJ’s flagship Jewish Identity, Values and Ethics Program in the IDF and Security Forces prepares officers, commanders and security personnel to contend with issues of identity and the dilemmas of combat values and ethics through an array of experiential educational programs. Since its inception 12 years ago, more than 250,000 officers, commanders and soldiers have been trained in this program. 
•    The Beit Morasha Center for Jewish-Israeli Culture and Creativity in Haifa, in conjunction with the Reali Hebrew School Network in Haifa (4 campuses, 4,000 students, 500 staff and faculty), is developing and implementing programs in the north of Israel that address Jewish heritage, values, identity and culture for the faculty, staff, students and parents of the Reali network, as well as for the wider community of Haifa and the North. In January 2017, the Center will inaugurate the Beit Midrash for Social Justice, modelled after Beit Morasha’s pioneering Beit Midrash in Jerusalem, for the Haifa community.  The Center will be housed in a new building, under construction, to serve the entire Haifa region.
•    The Institute for Jewish Civilization and Sovereignty examines the moral, ethical and theological implications of independent statehood through the sponsorship of seminars, conferences, publications and public lectures. The Institute encompasses the activities of two BMJ centers: The Schwarcz Center for Ethics, Judaism and State, and the Edward I. Koch Center for Ethics and Public Policy. 
•    “Desert Stars” - in the Negev, BMJ developed the educational leadership programs and activities of this initiative that empowers and mentors young Bedouins who have displayed leadership potential.
•    New Initiatives – The Beit Morasha “Mechina” – Pre-IDF Service Academy - In September 2018, BMJ is scheduled to open a new “Mechina” program for high school graduates, many from Israel’s peripheral communities, who are targeting science and technology as their career (military and civilian) goals.  In the IDF these students will serve mainly in command roles in intelligence and technology units. The program will confront ethical challenges of technology and cyber warfare and provide a deep intellectual and emotional experience of learning and debate based on Jewish and classical sources, primarily in the areas of Jewish values, identity and ethics. 
•    Beit Morasha and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs - In September 2016, BMJ and the New York-based Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs launched a partnership to research, develop and implement educational programs to promote ethical considerations in public policy.  Beit Morasha and Carnegie share a compelling vision – “ethics matter, regardless of place, origin, or belief.”  The ultimate goal of this partnership is to educate and inspire a new generation of ethical leaders in all spheres – government, social, religious, military, and education. 

Beit Morasha of Jerusalem | Yad Harav Nisim | 44 Jabotinsky Street | Tel: 077-4560172 | Fax: 077-4560173 | [email protected] Share \

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