Nicholas S. Priore New Possibilities Fund - a project of Chelsea Opera

PO Box 277 Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113-0277

Chelsea Opera is pleased to announce the creation of The Nicholas S. Priore New Possibilities Fund.

Nicholas Priore, brother of co-founder Leonarda Priore, was a lover of music and the arts. Even as a successful lawyer, his heart always came back to singing. He was also a tremendous supporter of his sister’s “pet project”, Chelsea Opera. In his honor, we are pleased to establish the Nicholas S. Priore New Possibilities Fund.

As Chelsea Opera’s reputation has grown, more and more opportunities present themselves, including submissions by composers seeking to have their new operas produced by the company. Such projects benefit greatly from being workshopped, i.e., readings of scenes or complete acts with singers and piano, and eventually an orchestra that give the composer and librettist a chance to hear their work "in the air", and perhaps make adjustments to improve the work.

Because of the quick turn around time associated with these efforts, such projects are not readily fundable by private foundation or government grants which require a lead-time of 12-18 months in advance of the actual project dates. Creating this new fund will allow the company to respond quickly as opportunities arise.

Thank you for becoming a founding donor to establish the Nicholas S. Priore New Possibilities Fund!