American Friends of the Royal Danish Ballet

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31 West 52nd Street

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The mission of The American Friends of the Royal Danish Ballet is to ensure the Royal Danish Ballet's unique combination of classical technique and expressive mime, established by August Bournonville, is continually refreshed and shared with audiences worldwide. Heralded for its storytelling tradition, support from the American Friends of the Royal Danish Ballet enables the Royal Danish Ballet's quest for original choreographic talent to extend this centures-long commitment while challenging it to push out the borders of classical dance in a way that captivates contemporary theatre-goers. American Friends of the Royal Danish Ballet is the key to making possible the artistic residencies, important restorations, new works, scholarships, media ventures and international tours to guarantee the future of this pre-eminent legacy that changed ballet forever.

Support from American Friends of the Royal Danish Ballet Will Make Possible:

- New productions of three Bournonville ballets during the period 2011 - 2015
- Creation of a Resident Choreographer Programme
- Visiting Residencies of Internationally Renown Instructors and Conductors
- Introduction of One-Year Scholarship Programme for Visiting Dancers to Perform with the Royal Danish Ballet
- Publication of a new book describing 100 years of the historically important ballet linkages between the U.S. and Denmark.

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