MinKwon Center for Community Action

136-19 41st Avenue
3rd Floor

Flushing, NY 11355


The MinKwon Center empowers the Korean American, Asian American, and immigrant communities to realize economic and social justice for all. We accomplish this mission by raising awareness of immigrant rights, ensuring access to resources and legal services, raising political consciousness and mobilizing a collective voice to effect systemic change.


By choosing to make a recurring donation of just $10 per month and being a Friend of MinKwon, you are making the choice to be a powerful, effective means of support for the MinKwon Center for Community Action. Your contributions will help to support the MinKwon Center and ensure that our organization can provide critically needed services to our community.

Your financial support is the key to enabling MinKwon to thrive as an organization and serve the marginalized Korean-American and Asian American community in New York City.

How does your Friends of MinKwon sustaining gift work?

• For your $10 or more monthly contribution, you will receive a small gift from MinKwon as a token of appreciation.
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• You will get a tax letter every January.
• No renewal notices will be sent to you.

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