TAKE Dance Company

470 West 62nd Street Suite 3B
New York, NY 10069

Since its inception in 2005, TAKE Dance has been praised for its distinctive blend exciting athletic movement and unusual sensitivity. The Company’s mission is to create and stage works that deepen society’s sensitivity and understanding of the human condition through choregraphic fusion of Eastern and Western culture. By making bold choices in movement, musical selections, and subject matter, TAKE Dance strives not simply to be seen but rather, fully experienced. TAKE Dance utilizes action to inspire action: the works created and performed by the Company are based on socially relevant issues and seek to make a positive impact on society. TAKE Dance seeks to use the human body to its fullest capacity, smashing the barriers created by language, skin color, gender, or religion. By taking these aforementioned differences that have become so enormously divisive and linking them, Take’s work speaks to a wide audience and demonstrates that despite the variation that exists between us, we are all ultimately connected to one another.