PS 295 Parent Teacher Association, Inc.

330 18th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11215


The PS 295 PTA enhances our school community by organizing events and educational programs for our students and families, and providing important information to parents and teachers. We don't require dues to join. Every family is an important part of our school community, and we welcome all to our meetings.

While the city funds basic costs to run the school, we need an additional $150,000 per year to support our extra programs such as music and dance programs, wellness and gardening initiatives, and much much more.  We ask that you consider giving $300 this year for your child.  You have the option to make a one-time donation or set up a recurring payment.  No matter how much you give, we are grateful for your donations.

You can use also use this site to donate to upcoming events, or help fund any of our programs and fundraisers. Just make sure to indicate the name of the program and include the student name/class where it asks to “Designate your donation to a specific program or fund.” 

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