6BC Botanical Garden Inc.

Box 20668 Tompkins Square Station
New York, NY 10009

The 6BC Botanical Garden is a community garden and urban green space; a place to enjoy nature without leaving the city, to learn about horticulture and the environment, or to simply relax in a setting that an NYC garden guide called "colorful, complex, and elegantly designed."  The garden --located in Manhattan's lively East Village on 6th Street between Avenues B and C (that's where the name comes from)--is also the frequent scene of art, music, and dance performances as well as personal celebrations. Neighborhood volunteers began creating the garden on a rubble-strewn lot in the early 1980s. The land is now preserved for community use as part of the New York City Parks Department, and the garden participates in the Parks Department Green Thumb program. But 6BC receives no regular funding from the city or other outside sources, and we, the members of the 6BC Garden, continue to maintain and administer the space entirely as volunteers. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us keep the garden beautiful and expand its educational program and services to the community. Please see our website www.6bc.org for details about recent events and our future plans; write us at [email protected] if you would like more information about our annual budget, or to discuss how your donation could contribute to specific garden projects.