H.T. Dance Company, Inc. / Chen Dance Center

70 Mulberry St, 2nd fl
New York, NY 10013


CHEN DANCE CENTER mission is to provide moving experiences in Asian-American through contemporary dance through artistic creation, arts education, and presentation. It is one of the “Diverse Arts Spaces” supported by the Ford Foundation and was bestowed the New York State Governor’s Award for Artistic Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to Communities.

The vibrant productions of H.T. Chen & Dancers have been a cultural resource, and the company’s extensive educational programs and services to the field are cornerstones of Chen Dance Center’s legacy to engage and enrich the community. 

In anticipation of the Center’s 40th Anniversary in 2019, the establishment of a fund to enhance community programming and capacity is underway. At this important moment in the history of our organization, we are asking for your support. 

Please consider a gift of any size to help sustain our programs. If you provide contact information we will send you an acknowledgement letter for tax reporting. Thank you, and we look forward to welcoming you to Chen Dance Center!