PS 110 FUN! RUN 2018


Message from PS 110K PTA:

Please sponsor our students in the 2018 Fun! Run to Support student enrichment programs at PS110! ___________________________________________________________________________ Please put name of student pledging in "message" section

Total Raised: $3906.00 out of $15000.00

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James Dowd
Jacob Gould. Go Jacob!

lee parekh
Amir Parekh (Pk-105)

Carly Schwarz
Jacob Gould is #1!

Hannah Dilworth
Go Aya! Love, Hannah + JD

Leslie Borrell
Run for Fun, Aidan Borrell!

Steven Salton
Aidan Borrell

Kyle Young
Aidan Borrell

Tommy Cole
Go Aidan!

Judy Borrell
Donation for Aidan Borrell

Leecia Manning
Toby Stratton, We Love You! Stella & Family

Laura Kline
Go Jacob Gould! From Laura and Kevin

Sarah Duford
Jacob Gould- Super Cat Speed!

Carol Chao
Jacob Gould - Go Speed Racer!

Bertrand Choe
Go, Jacob!

Kristine Wallace
Benjamin & Morgan Wallace

Noreen Sisko
Go Benjamin and Morgan!!We love you MeMom and G-Dad

Britt & Chris LoSacco
Roman LoSacco (PK-104)

melissa giles
Go, Jacob! (Jacob Gould)

Joe Brown
Go Jacob Gould!

Jeff Laretto
Go Avery!

Nathan Sadeghi-Nejad
Avery Maldon, Class 2-311

Paloma Secunda
Avery Maldon, class 2-311

Katie Wallace

Linda Rosso
Evan Rosso--Love you!

Meema and Poppy love you Jacob!!! Duford

Susan Scarpinito
Avery Maldon class 2-311

Lea Sloan
Lucia Sloan

Sarah Demetz
Milo and Ophelia, Put your running shoes on!

Damon Crepin
Run Phoenix... Run! We love you!

Mari Jidai
Donate for PS110

Tamara Rosenberg
Go Beno, Run!

Allison Van Evera
Go Aidan Borrell, We love you!! Your Cousins in CA

Elizabeth Sloan
Lucia Sloan Go Lucie!!! love G+G

Yulia Paterson
Go Olivia!

Kelly Zic
Go Olivia!! We are so proud of you!

Danielle George

Loren Campbell
For PS 110 educating my Grandchildren Kieranand Maddy Campbell

Binny Silverman
Ayelet Spence. Go Aya. Have fun!

Jenny Silverman
Here’s to Aya! Run Run,

Binny Silverman
Oz Spence Do Oz, have a fun time. Love, Bubby

Jenny Silverman
Go Oz! Run Run

Catherine DeCosta
Olivia Sinclair

Diane Patrone
Go Iggy! Love, Aunt Patrone

Vanessa Dilworth
Oz Spence- Go Oz!! xo Mom + Dad

Vanessa Dilworth
Ayelet Spence- Go Aya!! xo Mom + Dad

Sev & Layanne Nammour 3-305 & 1-204

Lou Murray
Go August Abbott !

Jennifer Cascino
Owen Cascino

Devon McConaghy
For Robin McConaghy

Jason George

Keith Fisher
for Kyran Fisher (201) + Yvo Fisher (p103). Go, go, go!

Donna Powers
Oscar Powers

Tricia Balsam
Amelie Keyzer 1-212

Michi Turner
Go Ione!

Rachel Safko
Yay, Henry Dressler! Love, Mama, Papa and Anastasia

Sara Fiks
Henry Dressler. We are so proud of you! Love, Sara, Alex, Sophie and Maddie

Michael Dressler
Hope you had a fun run Henry! Way to go! Lots of love! -Michael and Natalia.

Vanessa Herrera
Ethan Cuadrado (K-106)

Christophe Sloan
Go Lucie Sloan!

Melissa Merriam
Olivia Merriam and Emmie Merriam

Dorothy Viray
Harrison Sicile

Sherry Son
Go Henri!!!!!!

Alexandre Amyot
Run Henri! Run!

Elias Noel
Elias Noel

Franklin R Gould
Jacob Lawrence Gould

Mina Hu
For Sabine Pale, who ran like the wind for 14 laps!

Bryan Biederman
For Kieran and maddie campbell

Edward Lazarus
We're proud of you, Lucian! Grandpa & Nana

Connie Viglietti
Maia Viglietti Fun Run!

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