Marya Warshaw Fund for the Future

Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Message from Brooklyn Arts Exchange:

On March 25, 2018, founding Executive Director Marya Warshaw, announced her plans to retire at the end of 2018. Marya has been a visionary leader, creating and sustaining BAX as an incubator for artists in progress of all ages for the past 28 years, but she did not do this alone. She (and BAX) could not have done it without YOU, without your support, your encouragement, and —frankly— without your contributions. We are proud to announce that we are establishing THE MARYA WARSHAW FUND FOR THE FUTURE. YOU can make sure Marya’s voice continues beyond her tenure as Executive Director — you can make sure that it EXPANDS beyond her incredible vision, and becomes the COMMITMENT of our entire community. Marya’s dream for the future includes more space for artists to create in, more support for youth scholarships, more resources for resident and teaching artists, and a permanent home for all of it. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN for her AND for us. WE CAN DO THIS!

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Gail Conrad
Big, big congrats! So regret that I couldn't be there, but honoring you!

Debra Taube
Sending much love- wish I could have been there!

Lissy Vomacka

Maria Bauman
Here's to Marya's leadership, and to the healthy future of BAX!

ilana gruebel
Wishing Marya much happiness and health on her next steps.. This is a token to thank you for all you gave to Kyra and our family.

Wende Persons
Bravo, Marya!

Sandra Stratton Gonzalez
Congratulations Marya on your retirement! And thank you for your vision, hard work and love evidenced in everything that BAX does.

Lee Goodman-Gargagliano
Thank you Marya!

Abby Yang
All the best! Thank you Marya

Mariana Valencia

Amy Sumner
Go Marya! Go BAX! Here’s to the next 25 years....

Molly Pope
Proud to have intersected, even in the slightest way, with the force of art and nature that is Marya Warshaw and the institution she built.

Robert Roer

Aurin Squire

Leslie Weber

Rebecca Cardwell
Congratulations, Marya!

Linda Ellman

Ruth Barnes

Celine Bollig

Karen Keogh

Judith Sloan
What a great legacy Marya! To the future and honoring the past.

Sara Procopio
Thank you Marya! Much gratitude for the BAX community and the important work being done!

Adam Pollock

Leah Obias
Thank you for your work!

Jennifer and Dan Ford
We and our kids, hannah and Sam, have been so happy and found themselves at bax. Thank you for providing this creative space for them

Laura Mascuch
Go BAX!!

Alan Masters
In honor of Maya Maldonado.

Colleen Hooper
Congratulations Marya!!

Karen Bernard-Wixon

Gabrielle Shubert and Jesse Walker
Marya, you are a Brooklyn institution. Congratulations on creating a true community arts center in our town.

Kelly Vaughan
I so deeply appreciate BAX's commitment to diversity, supporting artists, and making classes available to those facing financial hardship.

Hillit Zwick
this donation is in honor of AIR Aya Ogawa

Emily Bunning
Thank you for all you have done for the dance community. You are my hero!

Andrew Jannetti
Congratulations Marya on your retirement. I am happy to donate to this Fund for the Future.

Ryutaro Ishikane

Jane Holzka
Congratulations on your well earned retirement!

Sheila and Richard White
Happy, healthy retirement, Marya!

Sau Yi Chan

Emma Rivera

Howard Silver
I'm on your artists services page for performance video production. I greatly appreciate your services!

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