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Educational Video Center

Message from Educational Video Center:

For this holiday season, please include a generous donation to EVC’s Annual Appeal in your year-end giving and help us reach our fundraising goal of $8,000 by the end of December. Each dollar you give contributes to the education of a future EVC youth producer.

Total Raised: $3675.00 out of $8000.00

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A hopeful message!

Stephen Scheiber
Thanks to Laura who introduced us to EVC What a wonderful organization. Keep up the fine work

Sherri Wolf

Rebecca Renard-Wilson
EVC continues to lead the way, in terms of both the media that is created and the pedagogy used. I'm honored to part of the family.

Gretchen Baudenbacher

Mary Scheiber
So happy to learn of the continued fine work you do as reported by Laura

Steve Goodman

Jennifer Spiegel

Bravo! Mogulescu

margaret Stern
in honor of Steve Goodman

Rosa Riccio Pietanza

Kendra Din

Marcie Wolfe
Such important work! From Paul Allison and Marcie Wolfe

Sara Keenan

John Parris

Madeleine Holzer

marlene roy

Your productivity continues to amaze us. Scheiber

Angela Karran
Congrats on the great work you do with NYC youth. In honor of my dear friend and mentor Steve.

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