A strong education can spell success. Teaching Matters works to close the learning gaps at urban public schools where there's an urgent need for great teachers. Your donation helps us work at schools where there's the greatest potential to make a difference.

The Elizabeth Rohatyn Fund is dedicated to the development and implementation of school-based programs designed to increase teacher effectiveness, and as a consequence, student achievement.

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Building the Teacher Leaders of the Future
$12,000 to provide Teacher Leader training institutes for 6 teacher teams.

Promoting Best Practices & Educational Excellence
$15,000 to support an annual convening of urban school principals to share best practices and innovations in school leadership.

Supporting Schools One at a Time
$20,000 to provide onsite coaching and instructional support to deepen student learning and teacher effectiveness.

Scaling Schools Where Teaching Matters
$25,000 to deepen implementation of innovative and research-based programmatic support to schools across the Teaching Matters’ Network.

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