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The Catholic Call to World Community

Tired of all the division in our country and the world?

Wishing there were an alternative?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that there very well could be and it isn’t even new. A few years ago Dr. Joseph Fahey wrote:

War and the Christian Conscience: Where Do You Stand?

In it he outlined four possible positions you might take, from Total War to World Community, positions that might unfold from total despair to utter hope. In this afternoon’s keynote address, Dr. Fahey will elaborate on the hopeful vision of World Community.

World Community is a social philosophy that advocates the creation of an international democratic union of states that will abolish war, defend human rights, secure social justice, and protect the environment for future generations.

Beginning with the teaching of Bartolome de la Casas on universal human rights in the 16th century, the Catholic Church has gradually developed a doctrine that calls for the creation of, in Pope John XXIII’s words in Pacem in Terris, a global “public authority which is in a position to operate in an effective manner on a world-wide basis.” Dr. Fahey’s talk will examine the Catholic case for a Global Union that is modeled on the European Union and the United Nations Charter.

When will the world’s 193 nation states form a Global Union? Perhaps sooner than we all think!

Prior to Dr. Fahey’s presentation, we will have our General Membership Meeting to which all are welcome and members are urged to attend. Special this year will be a Student Panel on Peacebuilding that will help us learn from and interact with young adults from Manhattan College, the College of Mount Saint Vincent, Fordham University, and Iona College.

We are often expressing our desire to engage with the next generation of peacemakers.

This Fall Assembly we are making that possible. Don’t miss it.

Fall AssemblyAfternoon Only$20.00
Fall AssemblyFull Day$35.00
Fall AsemblyStudent$0.00

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11/3/2018 10:00 AM to 11/3/2018 4:00 PM
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