Heat Seek, Inc.

New York, NY

Heat Seek works at the intersection of innovative technology and tenant advocacy to provide new tools in the fight to maintain affordable housing in New York City. As a non-profit organization, we support the work of tenant lawyers, organizers, and city officials by providing low-cost, web-connected temperature sensors to tenants facing heating abuse and harassment. At the same time, we draw on our tech expertise to conduct analysis of both temperature data and citywide data to provide new ways for advocates to target and reach at-risk tenants.

Thank you for contributing to Heat Seek's spring campaign. We're committed to raising $50,000 in order to:

  • Double the number of cold New Yorkers we serve
  • Develop a cheaper and more effective sensor design
  • Advocate for new regulations to force repeat offender landlords to install temperature sensors in their buildings
  • Supporting tenants with active court cases, to ensure they have heat next year

We’re looking for support at all levels:

  • $75 buys a sensor for a cold family in need

  • $150 connects a low-income family to a tenant lawyer

  • $500 trains five community organizers to use Heat Seek data effectively
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