PowerPlay NYC, Inc

42 Broadway, 20th floor
New York, NY 10004

PowerPlay NYC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and empowering girls through sports, teaching life skills and developing self-confidence and self-esteem for life! PowerPlay's sports and life skills training programs offers girls in low income, underserved communities the opportunity to experience the competence, confidence and connectedness so critical to healthy adolescent development, to adopt healthy living habits and to develop the life skills for success. We serve approximately 400 girls each year in our various programs which include the STARS Series after-school program for elementary and middle school girls, the Rising STARS Summer program for middle school girls and our SuperSTARS Summer Leadership Academy for High School Girls. PowerPlay came into being when the organization's founder convened a group of women who felt strongly that the health benefits and life lessons for success to be learned from sports needed to be shared with girls in NYC; especially girls from underserved communities. Despite the advances in girls' sport participation since the passage of Title IX, girls are still faced with an uneven playing field, especially in NYC where girls participate in sports at half the rate that boys do. PowerPlay began offering its first STARS (Sports Training and Role models for Success) programming in 2001. Today, PowerPlay is a leading provider of girls' sports and life skills programming. PowerPlay NYC is distinguished by being the only girl-focused organization in NYC which: offers girls the opportunity to learn a variety of sports, is open to all girls regardless of ability level, and has a health, wellness and life skills curriculum which accompanies all sports learning. For more information, please go to powerplaynyc.org Click here to view financial information

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