the REAL hot 100

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Q. What do a Protestant minister from Iowa, an aerospace engineer from Florida, a violin virtuoso from Tennessee, a burlesque performer in NYC, and a lawyer from D.C. have in common?

A: These social activists are just a few of the more than 350 women from more than 35 states who have been nominated to the REAL hot 100.

What is the REAL hot 100?
Don't confuse this with Maxim's Hot 100, an annual photography spread that defines "hot" according to the interests of its male readership. This Hot 100 is a list of smart, savvy young women who are actively trying to make the world a better place. And while some really hot women might look awesome in a bikini, they know that's not all they have to offer.

The REAL hot 100 project recognizes and celebrates young women who are breaking barriers, fighting stereotypes, and making an impact in their communities and the nation not because of their physical beauty, but because of the beautiful way in which they look at the world.

Founded in 2005 in an effort to combat the lack of positive, strong images of young women in the media, the REAL hot 100:

  • Presents and promotes positive, realistic images of young women
  • Celebrates the amazing work young women are doing
  • Helps these remarkable young women succeed and inspires others to follow their lead
  • * All donations made to the REAL hot 100 will be sent to their fiscal sponsor Legal Momentum.

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