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Love Heals
2 Fifth Avenue #2Q
New York, NY 10011
Founded in 1992, Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education empowers young people in the fight against HIV. Love Heals is the leading provider of HIV/AIDS education in the city’s public schools, having directly educated more than 600,000 young people to date—including 57,000 last year alone. Our HIV-positive speakers are putting a face to the epidemic and our youth empowerment programs are training a new generation of community educators and activists. Love Heals also creates and distributes educational materials, shares its expertise, and advocates for young people’s right to HIV/AIDS education. We do this in partnership hundreds of schools and community groups throughout the New York City and the surrounding areas, reaching both young people and the individuals who impact their lives while placing a special emphasis on outreach to high-risk communities.
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