is a free, online contributions portal, which is dedicated to increasing charitable dollars from donors to New York causes, and providing information on New York State's 98,000 charities. It gives donors a centralized site to learn about New York charities, and easy, safe means to give time, money and talent. For nonprofits, it provides a unique way to promote missions, to educate new donors, and to extend fundraising reach in a way that supplements existing efforts.

Our objectives are:

To enhance the technology capabilities of all New York State charities by providing free donations screens, search engines tools, and e-ticketing services.
To make all charities visible to increasing numbers of donors.
To extend the fundraising reach of charities, no matter how small or how large.
To accelerate vital communications between nonprofits, their donors and stakeholders.
To promote effective ways of utilizing vast cost efficiencies of the Internet.

We do so by providing the following:

A listing of all publicly reporting charities focused on New York's communities, concerns, and neighborhoods.
Links connecting donors to each charity's web site allowing them to learn more about programs and services.
Free donation screens for each charity, which can be customized with program information and logos.
The ability to donate on a one-time basis or regularly to the charity of choice in any amount, whether $5 or $10,000, depending on one's capability.
The means for each donor to give with assurance that their privacy is protected, and that their personal information will not be sold.
A fast easy search by neighborhood, category, and zip code to make giving painless and trouble-free.
Volunteer search engines for children and adults provided by Children For Children Foundation and
Electronic email receipts for the donors' records. Thank you letters which can be customized by charities.
The ability to make donations in honor of or in memory of individuals and events.
Free E-cards which can be sent in commemoration of ones gift.
The option to print out a personal giving history using a LogIn and Password.
E-ticketing tools which charities can use for event registrations and ticket sales.
Sponsorship opportunities for those who want to help underwrite the costs of transferring 100% of each donation to the charity of choice in return for public recognition on the site.