Why Choose NYCharities?

NYCharities is celebrating over a decase of success supporting new york state non-profits and their donors.

NYCharities helps everyone donate time, money, and talent to new york's 100,000+ charities.

NYCharities processes transactions to thousands of charities across new york state each year.

Whats Included

Custom Donation Screen

Events Registration

Fundraising Campaigns

Email Confirmation

Electronic Funds Transfer

Real Time Reporting

Common Questions

What is the cost of NYCharities?

NYCharities charges a 4% processing fee on all transactions. Donors can choose to pay the processing fee so that the charity gets the full contribution amount.

When are funds transferred?

All donations are transferred at the beginning of following month by the 15th day with the exception of holidays.

What if a donor disputes the charge?

When payments are disputed, such as chargebacks, a $25 fee is incurred.

How can I cancel?

You can deactivate your account at any time. Just contact us by email at [email protected]