Meet our Board of Directors
  • Peter Sprague, Chairman
  • Cristine Cronin, President
  • Dave Belliveau, Trustee
  • Tim Cullings, Trustee
  • Peter M. F. Sichel, Trustee
  • Raymond F. Steckel, Secretary

  • Peter Sprague, Chairman

    Peter Sprague is Chairman of Wavexpress, a broadband television distribution company.

    He was Chairman of National Semiconductor from 1965 to 1995. In 1988 he developed a patented process for tracking and billing information on the Internet, which led to the formation of Wave Systems Corp., and also Wavexpress.

    He began a lifelong interest in the world of information at the age of 17 when he covered the Hungarian revolution, then spent two summers in Moscow working for UPI.

    His entrepreneurial endeavors include the revival of the Aston Martin company in England, running for a U.S. congressional seat in 1970 against Ed Koch (he lost,) executive producing the cult movie, Steppenwolf, and involvement in a number of Internet-related start-ups.

    Currently a director of and SemEquip, Inc., Mr. Sprague is also the founding underwriter with his wife, Tjasa, of The Museum of the Gilded Age in Lenox, MA.

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    Cristine Cronin, President

    Cristine Cronin led the creation and launch of, one of the Internet's first E-giving sites, for Wave Systems Corp in 1999. She also became Business Development Executive for their Wavexpress Internet broadband television service.

    She has over 20 years experience in leadership roles in the nonprofit sector: as Director of Special Events for Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; the first Executive Director of The Creative Coalition, an arts and entertainment organization focused on lending celebrity support to social causes; Director of the NY Office of Women's Campaign Fund, helping elect women to public office.

    Consultant to the International Council of The Museum of Television & Radio, Consultant to People For the American Way Foundation, and to the American Film Institute in The Kennedy Center.

    During six years in Washington, D.C., she was Special Assistant to the Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission; National President of Women's Equity Action League, which led the successful passage of Title IX, originating sports equity for women; and Government Relations Director of the Applied Science & Technology Office of Bendix Corporation.

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    Dave Belliveau, Trustee

    Dave is the IT Director of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA Association.) An accomplished IT leader with over twenty years of experience, he has focused on organizational health and enhancing the security of the organizations he serves.

    Having worked in technology leadership positions at Fortune 500 and startup companies, including GE and Wave Systems Corp., Dave has applied his experience in the information technology industry, using a cross-functional and international approach in helping current and future leaders align their business and technology strategies, and in leveraging opportunities.

    Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He currently resides in Western Massachusetts with his wife and has three children.

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    Tim Cullings, Trustee

    Tim Cullings has spent 16 years as an IT professional and also as a producer for the Video Games industry at Airtight Games in Redmond, WA.

    He has been a key member of the team, as well as for its predecessor website,, providing IT support and direction, and building monthly donations reports.

    While previously working as a Systems Administrator for Wave Systems Corp., he was an instrumental member of the support staff, a role he later expanded into IT Director and security specialist for what is now

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    Peter M. F. Sichel, Trustee

    Mr. Sichel is a fourth generation wine merchant and wine grower, born in Germany and living in New York since 1941.

    Educated in England, trained in France, he fought in WWII as a captain in OSS, and subsequently served the U. S. Government in Berlin, Washington and as Consul in Hong Kong. As the largest exporter of German wines, he was the CEO of his family wine business in Germany and built BLUE NUN, a major international wine brand.

    He has authored books on wine, appeared on the Today show and Good Morning America and was awarded the U. S. Distinguished Intelligence Medal for his government service, and the German Order of Merit first class for his contributions to U. S.-German relations.

    He is President of the Franz W. Sichel Foundation and a member of the Board of Directors of the Butler Fund for the Environment.

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    Raymond F. Steckel, Secretary

    Raymond Steckel is a New York lawyer specializing in international finance and is a practicing therapist.

    He is a graduate of Yale, Yale Law School and the Esalen Institute. He is active on the boards of numerous musical and other charitable groups.